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Hey Trader, not able to track markets and place Intraday trades due to busy schedules and time issues ? Love trading and want to reap profits through it but compelled to stop trading? We understand your pain and want to help you by presenting:VEGA BTST SERVICES.

In this services our Analyst will recommend you with BTST Option trades. As name suggest BTST stands for BUY TODAY AND SELL TOMMOROW. In this nature of trades you just have to place a position at the end of the trading day say at 02:45 PM-3:20 PM and square it off at next trading day in Morning session. BTST trading strategy is blend of Technical and events affecting the underlying asset. Our Analyst consider all attributes of BTST Strategies and provides you recommendations in Index and Stocks both.

Suitable for

Suitable for Aggressive Investors/Traders as Product falls under Aggressive Risk Category.

This product is designed for experienced and aggressive investors/traders who want to take advantage of Short term volatility by Buying Today and Selling Tomorrow.

Service Specifications

Service Specifications of this service are :-

Comprises BTST recommendations through in depth study of Technical and events affecting the underlying asset in Index and Stocks both.

Frequency of Recommendations: 16-17 recommendations in 22 Trading Sessions in Index and Stocks both.

Risk Reward Ratio: 1:1.25

Minimum investment required: INR 35,000 – 45,000.

Mode of services: SMS.

Proper update and Follow up.

22 Session


44 Session


66 Session



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